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There’s an unrest in the foothills, an insatiable hunger that howls down from the mountains and into the sweating, grinding clubs of Calgary. It feels primal and it feels urgent, as if missing even a single one of their perfectly curated shows would result in being ostracized from the pack. Bad Animal swagger on stage and the lights dim: amidst gleaming guitars and pop-perfect synths, the five-piece circles and prowls, flicking their hips and licking their lips, the thrill of the kill the only thing that matters now. Theirs is a communal experience, the immediate union of crowd and band into something greater than the sum of its parts.

The ravenous quintet never content with resting easy on their laurels, each of their releases continues to push the band into higher strata. They know, as well as you do, that each new song, each new show, each new album is a test of their mettle, a battle against mediocrity, an artistic expression of the kind of freedom that redefines reality. Tonight is forever, my dear friends, and we’re all ascending with Bad Animal.

~ Sebastian Buzzalino

I’m not exaggerating when I say Bad Animal is THE rock band to see live
— Permanent Rain Press
Hard drinking tattooed fivesome from Calgary who have nothing in common with country music. Watch these guys. Seriously.
— Alan Cross - The Edge 102.1
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 Previous shows

07/14/18 - BIG SLAM with Lagwagon, Whitey Houston & Sellout (YYC)

05/28/18 - Magic Spells, Ashley Hundred & Time Boys - Broken City (YYC)

04/18/2018 - JP Maurice Album Release w/ Frankiie & Hotel Mira - Rickshaw Theatre (VAN)

04/09/2018 - Canadian Music Week w/ Dopeys Rope - Bovine Sex Club (TOR)

02/14/2018 - Bad Valentines w/ Double Fuzz, Beta Boys & Crooked Spies - Commonwealth (YYC)

12/08/2017 - Sell Out Album Release - Dickens (YYC)

08/16/2017 - Return of Bad Animal w/ sitstill, Ghost Factory, & Silence the Swamps - Hifi (YYC)


2017 Canadian Tour

05/03/17 Saskatoon   05/02/17 Winnipeg

04/27/17 Ottawa   04/20/17 Canadian Music Week Toronto

04/16/17 - Winnipeg   04/13/17 - Lethbridge

04/12/17 - Red Deer   04/07/17 - Vancouver

04/06/17 - Kelowna   04/05/17 - Calgary


09/09/16 Mother Mother / Ria Mae - UFest (YYC)

07/22/16 jpnsgrls / little destroyer - Fox Caberet (YVR)

07/10/16 Blink 182 / the used - Cowboys Tent (YYC)

06/17/16 lbj's / swmmrs - Broken City (YYC)

01//29/16 the Mounties / Guantanamo Baywatch - Big Winter Classic (YYC)

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